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About the SMART System

The aim of the SMART System is to provide traffic safety and fluency based on full information from the monitoring stations and other devices located in a selected area, as well as on traffic control algorithms accordingly interpreting data received.

System Aims and Tasks

  • increase of effectiveness and efficiency of winter maintenance
  • improvement of traffic safety and conditions
  • reduction of the number of collisions and accidents
  • improvement of traffic fluency and increase of traffic capacity (traffic stream control)
  • supervision of traffic regulations obedience
  • detection of traffic law breaching (vehicle overloading, speeding)
  • road quality improvement
  • estimated driving time calculation
  • safety improvement of the road maintenance works
  • shortening of the emergency response time (accidents, breakdowns)
  • lowering of the infrastructure maintenance costs

  • System Advantages

  • high functionality
  • module structure (equipment, software, operation)
  • integration of the remote devices (different component types, different manufacturers)
  • system openness (connectivity to other systems of other manufacturers)
  • possibility of use of any transmission media (dial-up links, cellular telephony (GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, LTE), radio, fiber-optics, wireless communication (WiFi, Bluetooth))
  • ease of further extension and functionality increase
  • hierarchical access
  • clear and intuitive user interface

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