Automatic camera system


Automatic camera system is a collection of devices and components designed to transmit the image through the GPRS or fiber connection to the control center, or to selected websites. You may be from any place and at any time and monitor the highway in all weather and lighting conditions, or to analyze historical data.


Camera - operates in the PAL system - it is used to communicate via the Internet with the management center. It is possible to identify a vehicle registration number of the transferred image. The camera uses the features such as tilt and zoom (turn, bend, enlargement). It also has the function of self-purification (cleaning and wiping). The period of sending video, and resolution settings is controled by end users. These parameters are determined at the outset, prior to installing the devices in the field and stored in the system memory controller.

The camera allows you to program the 8 privacy zones masking selected areas of the image. Pictures masked will be displayed in black. This ensures the privacy of people living, working or traveling near the area being monitored.


Appropriate software enables you to identify bugs and report them to the subsystem.


Optionally, it is possible to use the rotation controlled camera system through a web interface. An Advanced DSP color camera with a new generation 26x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom comes equipped with auto focus and automatic switching mode (day/night). It allows you to quickly rotate vertically and has a feature of 360 degree progressive rotation.



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