UOPG3 A3 is consist of UOPG4 A6Wt sign and UOPG6 A4 board and it is designed to display warnings and weather parameters.



Technical parameters
Power supply ~230V/50Hz
Enclosure aluminium, polycarbonate, dibond
Color (chrominance) full range of colour (LED RGB)
C2 according to PN-EN 12966
Beam width B3 according to PN-EN 12966
Luminance L3 according to PN-EN 12966
Luminance ratio R3 according to PN-EN 12966
Communication/Control RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, GPRS, Fibre-optic
Environmental conditions T1 and T3 (-40°C÷60°C), ingress protection level (D4 and P2 according to PN-EN 12966)
Overall dimension (HxW) 3410x4050 mm
Matrix size (HxW) UOPG4 A6_Wt - equilateral triangle with side 1500 mm
UOPG6 A4 - 2x 406x3251 mm, 16x128 pixels
Weight 240 kg
Power consumption (max) 450 W
PDF file uopg3.pdf


The following contents can be displayed on the board:

  • air and surface temperature,
  • short warning messages or sequences of messages,
  • road (traffic) signs warning,
  • this model of board is designed for installation on motorways and expressways.

   Variable message signs and boards have building mark and certificate WE no. 1488-CDP-0065 according to PN-EN 12966-1:2005(U) and PN-EN 60529.

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