Weigh-in-motion system PAT DAW 100


Automatic Weigh-in-motion system PAT DAW 100 allows you to make a series of measurements of various weight parameters of vehicles, without affecting their safety and way of driving.





Technical parameters
Measuring range
(vehicles weight)
0,5 ÷ 20 tons per axle (at speed 0 ÷ 160 km/h)
Measuring range
(vehicles speed)
5 ÷ 200 km/h
Operating temperature
-45°C ÷ +80°C
Operating temperature
(Electronic aparature)
-40°C ÷ +70°C
Supply voltage 12V DC (mains, battery, solar batteries, wind generator, etc.)
Power supply 2 W
Dimensions 1750 x 508 x 23 mm
1250 x 508 x 23 mm
PDF file SKP_wazenie_pojazdow.pdf


The structure of the weighing system is an appropriate combination of sensor panels, placed in the road surface with a set of special equipment for data analysis.


The system is fully configurable, which gives the opportunity to create traffic statistics and to detect violations and proper response on it. Usage of GSM mobile (or other network infrastructure) allows remote operation and management.

Main features of weigh-in-motion system

Depending on configuration:

  • emphasis on the wheel/axie of vehicle,
  • weight measurements,
  • classification of vehicles in terms of length and weight,
  • designation of vehicle distance in meters or seconds,
  • vehicle speed measurements,
  • generating of statistics,
  • data processing and transmission,
  • alarm generating.




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