Heat map


Heat map is a graphical representation of measurement results section of the road surface temperature map of the road network.


The purpose of road surface temperature measurements is to detect differences in the section of road surface temperature-dependent constant parameters such as terrain shape, infrastructure and elements of natural environment along the road lane.

Heat maps traits enable you to:

  • specify the areas that have approximately equal climatic conditions,
  • locate places are particularly susceptible to icing formation,
  • anticipating the possibility of icing forming by imposing weather situation map on the thermal map,
  • the location of glaze detection station in places that are particularly susceptible to the problem.




Measuring apparatus :

Thermal measurements of the surface are made by using a thermometer which measures surface temperature remotely, additionally to other weather measurement instrumentation.

The measurement set consists of:

TP - a thermometer to measure the temperature remotely
Cz - sensors of atmospheric parameters
T - tachometer, this device creates road markers for the identification of places of measurement
P - road markers transducer
K - PC


IBDiM's mobile meteorological parameters measurement vehicle schematic including equipment.



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