Data loggers


Data logger RC12.


Technical parameters
Data logger parameters  
Measurement period 1 sec ÷ 24h
Logging period 1÷60 min
Memory filling time 7 days ÷ 6 months depending on measurement period and logged data changing speed
Supported sensors 8 frequency sensors
16 impulse sensors
3 wind speed impulse sensors
2 wind direction sensors
15 analog sensors (resistance or voltage)
2 sensors with RS232 output (optionally 31 sensors with RS485 output)
Inputs parameters
Wind direction
(2 channels)
Gray's code with resolution 1,4°
Wind speed
(3 channels)
measurements of the average value, minimum and maximum with an accuracy of 0,05 m/s
channels V0, V1, V2
Impulse sensor
(16 channels)
impulse count with accuracy 1 impulse
channels K0 ÷ K15
Resistance or voltage sensors
(15 channels)
four-wire measurement, voltage measurement range ±100 mV ÷ ± 10mV and 0 ÷20 mA, measurement error 0,2%, channels A/C0 ÷ A/C14
String sensors and sensors with frequency output 8 channels with accuracy 99%. S0÷S7
General features
Supply voltage ~230V AC 50Hz or 11 ÷ 14V DC
Power supply 2W (whitout sensors)
Maintain battery 24h (normal work with 7Ah battery) or proportionally to the external battery capacity
Type of work continuous
Computer output RS232, RS485 to comunnicate with other devices (channels COM1 and COM2), 8-bit mode, no parity, 1 bit stop (8N1); baud rate 600÷800 bps
Realtime clock error less than 1 second per month
Enviroment parameters -40 ° C ÷ + 60 ° C, 0+100% RH (uncondensed)
Dimensions 361 x 417 x 100 mm
Weight 3,5 kg
PDF file RC12.pdf


The main task of the data logger RC12 is an automatic acquisition of signals from various sensors of physical quantities, processing of such information, and recording them with a specified time interval in embedded nonvalatie memory. Additionally, RC12 communicates with a management system and can be configured to generate the warning messages and alarms.


The software allows data logger to calculate dew point temperature, freezing point temperature of liquid covering the surface or to generate alarm messages: a warning of icing, fire hazard (forest), slippery road, a side wind, fog, hoarfrost, water lever exceeding user configurable level and sharp sudden rise of precipitation. The messages can be sent to the management center or directly to the active elements of a system, such as variable message signs.


RC12 registrar is fully configurable in terms of quantity and type of supported sensors and other parameters like i.e. data measurement intervals, rules of alarm generation and various destinations for alarm datagrams.


In case of improper device operation, build-in-self-diagnosis system is able to automatically reset the recorder or any external device. It happens for example on long-time power shortage or disruption in energy supply. After power resume, the device itself recovers full functionality.



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