Forest Meteorological Station


The Automatic Forest Meteorological Station is an automated stand-alone device which utilizes configurable set of specialized sensors in order to acquire measurements results characteristic for the forest enviroment.
















In general the tasks performed by station are listed below:

  • measurement and data storing,
  • current (and stored) data sending to the fire hazard monitoring system,
  • warnings generating based on fire hazard or current weather state,
  • alarms sending and external devices controlling.

Data transmition between the weather station and monitoring center normally are carried out by GPRS. There is a posibility to use other communication systems such as fixed-line and GMS telephony, radio networks, cable or fiber-optic lines, etc.


Data storing device
  • measurement data storing,
  • data archiving,
  • simple configuration change (remote software change),
  • system state monitoring,
  • real-time clock,
  • LCD display (optional)
Power and energy management
  • power supply 230V AC (160 ÷ 250V) 18W
  • (station + all sensors),
  • power and battery control,
  • battery mode work (~ 48 h - work, 6 months - data store),
  • adjustable charging current to expand battery live,
  • surge protection system for all the station power and signal lines,
  • alternative power supply (solar battery, wind generator and other).
Basic sensors
  • wind speed sensor,
  • wind direction sensor,
  • air relative humidity sensor,
  • air temperature sensor,
  • ground-level temperature sensor,
  • soil temperature sensors at various depths,
  • pyranometer,
  • barometric pressure sensor,
  • precipitation sensor and precipitation detector,
  • moisture analyzer,
  • possibility to connect additional sensors with digital or analog output.
Wireless data transmission GPRS
  • automatic data sending in regular time period,
  • on demand data sending,
  • backup data sending.

Housing of the central processing unit of Forest Meteorology Station is a IP55 class according to PN-EN 60529 and it is resistant to: corrosion, chemicals influence, rain, hight humidity, dust and radiation.


  • Air temperature
  • Data logger
  • Humidity
  • Moisture analyzer
  • Precipitation sensor OP2G
  • Radiation
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
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