Server room


The managing center includes a server room with a redundant structure.

It consist of:

  • communication server,
  • database server,
  • central server (application),
  • web serwer.

Redundant structure of this network is provided by mirroring each element in a manner allowing for undisturbed system performance after malfunction of one element of each pair.

Each of the servers in the server room has a particular function:

  • communication server - responsible for communications between the managing center and remote devices such as road weather stations, vehicle classification points, image acquisition points and variable message signs (communication layer),
  • database server - responsible for receiving, decoding and storage all kinds of measurement and service data (data layer),
  • central server (application) - responsible for the analysis of weather data, forecasting and preparing for the presentation of data (application layer),
  • Web server - provides data collected in the lower layers to all the entitled persons (layer visualization).

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