Server infrastructure


We offer broad services concerning the creation and development of IT infrastructure ie:

  • design dedicated systems,
  • design of computer networks,
  • selection of hardware to meet the needs of the system,
  • delivery and installation of equipment in the server room,
  • configuration of the equipment,
  • configuration of internetworks including cabling,
  • installation and configuration of specialized software,
  • technical assistance and maintenance of existing systems.


Developed systems use servers located in the cabinets (rack mount). They are divided into several groups:

  • communication server - responsible for overseeing and maintaining communications with the remote points. It detects failures regarding connection to remote points and restores the communication if an alternative route is available.


  • database server - responsible for collecting all the measurement data generated by remote points. Data can then be retrieved by programs for the purposes of calculation or made available in visual form by a web server.


  • web server - designed to share multimedia data via HTTP protocol used by web browsers. It's able to visually represent nearly every type of information including text, the tabular, graphical, audio and video. The server dynamically prepares contents to be presented on a website using PHP and CGI.


  • application server - it's purpose is to create the operating environment for applications belonging to the following groups: traffic management, forecasting, vehicle detection, response to threats, estimating motion parameters.

When the above architecture doesn't match requirements of a particular system, additional devices and applications such as video systems can be provided an additional video server.

Each of these servers can be duplicated to guarantee maximum uptime and service availability.




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