Wind generators


Rutland 913 is one of the most effective microgenerators in the world.

Its main advantages are:

  • Very low cost of 1 watt of electricity,
  • The lowest wind speed causing the device to start generating electricity,
  • The largest number of Amp-hours of produced energy in real-life conditions (most wind generator manufacturers rely on a certain model wind speed, but Rutland is testing its turbine in real-life windy conditions, based on British standards),
  • Electricity starts being produced at wind speeds of 2.2 m / s,
  • Usage of high quality materials, ensures a very high durability,
  • Very high aerodynamic efficiency and aesthetic design.

Technical parameters
Electrical characteristics  
Nominal voltage 12 or 24 V
Maximum power 220 W
Output at wind speed of 10 m/s 72 W
Mechanical characteristics  
Fan diameter 910 mm
Number of blades 6 pcs
Thickness 608 mm
Width 910 mm
Height 910 mm
Weight 10,5 kg
Producer Marlec Engineering Co Ltd


More Rutland 913 traits are:

  • The construction of the made of materials resistant to corrosion-induced activity of sea water,
  • Computer-designed profile blades with safety factor of 10 at the maximum turbine speed,
  • Very quiet generator 3-phase, low-friction,
  • Completely sealed winding generator resin reinforced with glass fiber,
  • The effect of the flywheel gives a very steady work.




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