Modernisation of ITS in Krakow

Our company has participated in a "Development of the system of public transport management in Krakow" project.
It was up to TRAX elektronik to divide the city into functional sub-areas and create for each of them dedicated procedures. Those algorithms are designed to analyse current driving conditions and detect traffic events and based on that information display predefined content on variable message signs.
Under the contract, we have installed dedicated software on the servers in the Municipal Infrastructure and Transportation Management Authority in Cracow, and provided communication with remote components.

The new ITS system in Wroclaw

A new ITS system in Wroclaw has been approved for operation. Our company's task was to create a subsystem for traffic management using variable message sings and subsystem for parking information.
The first subsystem consists of IT infrastructure and remote devices - we delivered and installed 50 ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras and 12 Bluetooth detectors, which are used to calculate the travel time on 20 routes in the city. Those informations are then displayed on 13 variable message signs (VMS) developed by TRAX elektronik.
The second subsystem informs drivers about the number of vacancies in selected parking lots - we developed and installed 12 variable message signs dedicated to display this information.



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